Yarrow (angelweed) wrote,

Terrible news

There is a new Medicaid law that will deny Marsha coverage, since she doesn't have a birth certificate or any other documentation.

I wasn't too worried at first, since Delaware sent me my birth certificate some years ago only requiring that I knew my parent's full names. But Texas requires something like a driver's license, or other documentation Marsha doesn't have.

It's not clear to me yet whether this is going to hit Marsha almost immediately, or next year. I hope it's next year, because I am barely functional right now. It looks like Marsha will be going into a wound-care program here at the hospital until her bed sores are healed, which should be very good news; but while I think I could cover a year in a regular nursing home by selling my house, I don't know how much of this program I can cover. Months? Weeks?

There are various things I can try, but I am so damned tired. If anyone can refer me to a good Medicaid lawyer I'd be grateful.

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