Yarrow (angelweed) wrote,

Less grrrr

The nursing home had charged me private pay rates for the entire month, rather than the days that Marsha was in the hospital (Medicaid doesn't pay for nursing home days that Marsha's not in the nursing home, and without the bed hold she'd likely have been sent to someplace outside Richmond). So the bill is a bit smaller, though still large enough.

What I'd been most worried about was that Medicaid might have cut her off again -- her annual recertification was last month, I wasn't quite sure I'd dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's, and I hadn't heard from Medicaid one way or another. But the bookkeeper at her nursing assured me that she would have heard right away if Marsh got cut off.

Marsha's regained significant skill with the mouse (which she moves with her head, a sensor on top of her monitor detecting a little silver dot glued to the corner of her glasses lens). Last week she kept asking me to find the mouse button (another bit of assistive technology -- a three-inch wide free-standing button that looks like a mouse click to the Mac when she presses it). Today she seems more confident about where it is, which means she doesn't have to move her head to look for it, so the mouse cursor stays where it was, so she can make the mouse click she wanted.
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