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Saturday Marsha was in better spirits than Friday, though still very weak. She didn't remember me coming by Friday even though she remembered the shrimp. Luckily I'd brought some more, and fed them to her as we talked.

She woke up a bit after I got there. We just sat there smiling at each other for a few minutes. That still place of happiness, even here among the ruins, is such a gift when it happens. Of course, not being a Buddhist, I get impatient even in happiness. And Marsha too. So eventually she showed me a letter she'd written, asking for abbreviations for "comfortable" and "forget" (so she could type "co" and "fg" respectively and have her TypeIt4Me program expand them). And a power chair, which I have a hard time imagining her comfortable in, and a harder time imagining her safe.

Today was more ordinary (and I'm noticing how rare the ordinary days have become), not so good as Thursday but better than Wednesday, Friday or Saturday. I brought no shrimp but I installed links to political blogs in one of her menus.
Tags: marsha

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