December 12th, 2005


Silver Linings

Marsha's doing very well right now. She can move her right hand a bit at the wrist, which means the M.S. is slightly in remission; she's cheerful, engaged with the world, devouring blogs and writing more than I've seen her do for a long time.

Tonight was kind of a botch: I was trying to install Platypus, which is a Greasemonkey application for Firefox. (All these animals, eh? And all mythological, including the platypus, for all its existence in this physical world. I mean, come on -- an egg-laying, duck-billed mammal?) Anyway, one little part of Platypus is a button you can click that tries to guess what part of the page is the main text, and makes everything else disappear. Which I think will come in handy, since the font magnification Marsha needs increases the size of the irreleventia as well as the interesting stuff. Blogs in particular tend to have two busy and less relevant columns surrounding the main matter.

It took me quite a while to work around various version inconsistencies; and at one point I noticed that Apple had a security update trying to install, so I did that too.

In the middle of all this Marsha went to sleep, and for the first time in a long time she seemed to be relaxed and content in that state. (She woke up again when the security update rebooted her Mac, and iTunes stopped playing the music that was shielding her from Sally's wrestling.)

I'm so happy to see her better. It's not everything I want, this making of one human life bearable, and sometimes even good; but it counts; it's real.