August 21st, 2006


The wound clinic

Marsha had an appointment at the wound clinic today, and she's doing much better: two wounds have healed (both on her feet), and all of them are smaller. I'm partly just repeating the report from her nurses, but I did see two of the bad ones on her butt, and they are definitely looking better. (This is a learned perception, since in fact they look awful; but I've seen them much worse, and I can see the signs of healing.)

Presumably the weeks in the hospital helped. I'm also buying diabetic chocolate Boost by the case, and she's been drinking two or three a day, which is 500-750 calories and 40-60 grams of protein. And lots of people have been doing Reiki and other forms of healing for her.

Aside from having more protein per calorie, diabetic Boost has the advantage over regular Boost that it comes in in small rectangular cartons, much like those for single servings of fruit juice, each with a small straw that can be pushed through a foil-covered hole in the box. Like regular Boost, it doesn't have to be refrigerated; this means her aides can pick up a Boost from the side table, insert the straw (rather than going to look for one), and feed it to her easily, all of which makes it more likely to happen.

The Boost comes from Westbury Pharmacy, which is something of a Richmond institution. So far as I know it's not part of a chain, but it's the go-to place for things like cases of Boost (and for having medicines delivered). The front of the store is filled with the sort of non-drug items that you find in any drug store (though Westbury's are perhaps tackier than most); in the back are two counters, the front one floor-level and behind it a sort of balcony about six feet off the ground. There are six to eight clerks behind the first counter, and as many pharmacists on the balcony. They all bustle around, full of cheerful busyness.