October 7th, 2006


Desperate Measures

Prompted by the excellent Hilzoy, I just made a contribution to James Webb's Virginia senate race.

Cook Political Report says "This race can finally be described as a genuine toss-up, even if Allen holds a tiny edge. If northern Virginia turns out in force, he probably loses; if not, he probably wins." And in general "the odds are increasing every day for the Democrats to [win the Senate]."

This is an improvement from a week ago (when Hilzoy wrote), probably because of Foleygate. I'd rather the country throw the Republicans out because they're trampling on our Constitution; but I'll take what I can get.

As Hilzoy says,
If Webb wins, ... one more Democrat in the Senate. ... George Allen loses, and macaques everywhere breathe a sigh of relief. But here's the most important thing: George Allen's chances of ever successfully running for President become really, really remote.

This matters. We've already had an incompetent faux Cowboy with a streak of cruelty as President for eight years. I'm not sure we can withstand another.
And while I'm not as impressed with Webb's take on the issues as Hilzoy is, he's probably as good as Virginia could expect right now -- certainly much better than a Confederate flag-waving guy who sympathizes with white supremacists, calls people weird racial epithets on film and used plain old disgusting racial epithets in college.

But oh my aching preconceptions! I just gave money to Ronald Reagan's Secretary of the Navy. I long for a sensible election, where I can vote for Hilzoy, say. Or not vote for her, because somebody even better is running.