October 26th, 2006


The Invisible Flu

Wednesday last week I woke up in the middle of the night with pain in both elbows. Tried to get back to sleep; couldn't. Took some Tylenol, which didn't do much (possibly because, as I discovered the next morning, it had expired in April of 2000!) Finally drove to the all-night drugstore to get Ibuprofen, which did work to the extent of making the pain sleepable-with, sort of.

Spent Thursday out of work, half-sleeping all day. Friday I finally got a fever, and the joint pain changed to something more in line with what I associate with fevers; but no other symptoms, particularly no respiratory ones. Spent the day in bed, three-quarters sleeping, except to bring Marsha some food (carefully)!

Some friends came to town Saturday, and I did get out of bed, and enjoyed, a few hours' visit. Went home, and slept some more. Went to see Marsha Sunday, came home, went to bed. Was it Sunday that it hurt to breath? (But still not a trace of snot.)

Monday I went to the doctor because it was so weird. He said it was either the flu or something like, just without the respiratory symptoms -- the joint aches were typical of the flu, and even pain when breathing in was from small joints in the chest.

So I didn't go see Marsha Monday night -- locking the barn door and all that, but she didn't get it, at any rate.

Weird. Nice to be able to breathe during all this, but I probably would have stayed more firmly in bed it I'd been sneezing.