January 28th, 2007


Primaries, puppets, and rolling the dice

I'd originally had a meeting scheduled for this weekend, and then a mild flu, so I didn't pay much attention to plans for the anti-surge demonstration until Friday. When I was feeling more human I saw that Hilzoy of Obsidian Wings had proposed a brunch at Union Station before the march, and decided to connect with that.

Hilzoy is as impressive in person as she is in prose, and more mischievous. She has a trick of vibrating her eyebrows up and down that is not at all like Groucho Marx's eyebrow waggling, and even less like Mr. Spock's raised brow, but just as distinctive. Where Groucho is inviting third parties to appreciate the salacious aspects of whatever remark he's just made, and Spock is signaling his disbelief of whatever remark he's just heard, Hilzoy's eyebrow vibration accompanies what would otherwise be deadpan humor, inviting us into the joke. Her Obsidian Wings posts show her as someone of vast unrelieved patience and forbearance, and having met her I believe the patience and am glad to see it relieved by a wicked wit.

I liked the other folks quite a bit too. I also felt really out of place. Two of them were organizers of D.C. Drinking Liberally, and talked about primaries and politicians I hadn't heard of. That's work I think is necessary and useful. (This is a change from my radical youth.) But it's still as far from my style as carrying giant puppets in a demonstration would be to most of the Obsidian Wings folks. (I seem to recall a comment thread where folks allowed as how carrying giant puppets was perhaps not so entirely silly as it might appear at first glance, but can't find it at the moment.)

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