September 2nd, 2008


Help for Elliot, Jason, and Riyanna

Here are messages requesting magical assistance and calls to the jail for three members of the Pagan Cluster who were snatched by police, two of whom need medical attention and are being denied it.

I know and respect Jason; I haven't had the honor of meeting the other two arrestees, but they all deserve your help.

I got a human when I called.


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Subject: [LivRiv] Emergency calls requested!
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2008 13:39:36 -0700
From: Starhawk <>

Hey friends, again, thanks for all the calls you’ve been making about our bus, progress is being made, slowly. But I just got word that a young man who was scouting for us yesterday was riding his bike when a police officer tackled him and knocked him off his bike. The[y] stepped on his chest, and he spent the night coughing up blood. When he was seen this morning by a jail medical officer, he was told ‘that was normal’. Please call and demand that he get medical treatment. He’s also reported being harrassed by the jail guards for his perceived sexual orientation—he’s a soft, sweet spiritual youth who came to our magical activism day camp—apparently they think he is gay. By the way he was charged with ‘assault on an officer’. His name is Elliot Hughes—ask
that he receive medical treatment and that the harrassment stop. What’s most important is that they know he is not alone and has support.
Thanks, Starhawk

Complaint Number for the jail: 651-266-8989

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Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2008 16:41:34 -0700
From: Starhawk <>

we need your help urgently. JASON (SCARECROW) has been extensively tasered & is being denied medical attention. Jason & Ryanna were both snatched from the pagan cluster at the beginning of the Poor People’s March. PLEASE immediately try to connect with Jason — for tasers, we need to ground out that electricity and move it away — electricity is a form of energy, and we CAN ground this down into the core & move it out of him. Please, you witches know what to do; now let’s connect with Jason and help him move this energy. Riyanna needs your loving magic too, and we’re working on getting them both out NOW. Starhawk is in the streets with the Pagan Cluster, and we are safely back at the space.

deborah, elizabeth, & Megan Coyote
forward widely

here are some numbers you can start with.
St. Paul Mayor, Chris Coleman: 651.266.8510
Ramsey County Sherriff, Bob Fletcher: 651.266.8500

Complaint Number for the jail: 651-266-8989