Yarrow (angelweed) wrote,

Update on Jason and Ryanna

elizabeth writes:

i spoke with Jason on his phone call yesterday around 3. he said, "i'm great, happy -- my body feels better every minute" he does have multiple lacerations to his head, face, torso and black eye. and a 4 inch long cut on his ankle that he said has just begun to stop bleeding. he is still pulling copper out of his hip himself. he was given alcohol wipes & antibiotic cream. he was tasered with four handheld & three protrusion guns.

he is fairly grounded and is trying to connect with us all. he knows we're with him there, and he's feeling ok.

we have Ryanna with us -- she was released yesterday around 7 and is feeling alright -- mostly worried about Jason -- listen for her on democracynow!!

we love you all. thankyouthankyouthankyou. elizabeth

here is some footage of the snatch & arrest:


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