Yarrow (angelweed) wrote,


The John B. Cary school grounds take up about 4 city blocks. When I arrived at 6:05, five minutes after the polls opened, the line stretched for three blocks: the length of one short block from the door to the street, a long block to the corner, and most of another short block past the corner. It stayed that length til I entered the building at 7:10. By the time I voted and left the building, at 7:37, it had died down a little -- one short block to the street, and another short block toward the corner without quite reaching it. I've never seen a line out of the door before. I've never been there that early, so I might have missed previous lines, but my friend Beth (who arrived as I was leaving) said she'd never seen anything like it either.

Ice cracks:
hearts melt,
icebergs die.
Which will finish first?

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