Yarrow (angelweed) wrote,

Occupy Tuesday

About 100 people at General Assembly tonight, a little down from last night. Maybe 30 in the direct action working group meeting after GA. About 50 at the nightly 9pm-til-late candlelight vigil at the jail. We found out today that Sur, Greg, and Josh H. will have bail hearings Wednesday at 9am, and Josh K. will have one 9am Thursday. Also Thursday, a 2pm hearing for the appeal of some convictions for the March occupation of Monroe Park. There's hope that those convictions will be thrown out, which will give a boost to our own jailed occupiers and make jailing us for future occupations harder. May it be so.

The break in the occupation has increased energy for demonstrations, vigils, courthouse visits, etc. We'll be supporting our folks in court, protesting at the Mayor's office, protesting at banks, etc.

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