Yarrow (angelweed) wrote,

Last week in Occupy Richmond

Wednesday, Nov 2: Sur, Greg, and Josh H. have a bail hearing. (They'd been held without bail since Sunday's arrests). They are released on $500 bond.

Thursday, Nov 3: Josh K also released on $500 bond. The March (pre-OWS) Monroe Park occupiers have a trial in circuit court, defending themselves on first amendment grounds without a lawyer. Ruling to be done Nov. 21.

Saturday, Nov 5: General Assembly reaches consensus to occupy Monroe Park on Wednesday Nov 11.

Sunday, Nov 6: General Assembly empowers the bugout working group to pick a backup site in case of massive police presence in Monroe Park. About 30 people attend a post-GA direct action working group meeting.

Tuesday, Nov 8: About 300 people attend a faculty-organized Why Occupy? forum at Virginia Commonwealth University. That's about as many as at the largest General Assemby I've seen, before the occupation proper started.

Wednesday, Nov 9: 300 people can't fit in Gallery 5 to view All Night, All Day (about Richmond) and other videos of the occupation movement. But they're in the streets afterward. Bicycle scouts report 50-odd police cars and buses at Monroe Park. We split into three groups -- mine marches to Festival Park, where we meet a second group, then march to Kanawha Plaza and finally back to Festival. After a few minutes, the third group arrives, easily as large as the first two combined. They've been to Monroe, where we had either two or four arrests. The count for General Assembly is 290. Festival Park is open until 3am, and we discuss things for a while, eventually using a sort of sotto voce People's Mic so the cops in the distance can't hear our decision. Eventually we decide to move to a new location. I need sleep, so I walk back toward Gallery 5 and my car to go home, type this up and go to sleep.

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