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She's doing fine [Dec. 22nd, 2005|11:38 pm]
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Marsha's fine tonight. Maybe I should just stick with denial here. 'Course that doesn't work either -- the Giant Cluestick of the Goddess wacks you upside the head a lot harder in the end.

Maybe Marsha give her fever to her Macintosh. Something was chewing up processor time, enough that her music was really ragged, half a second of silence for every half second of sound. (She played it anyway, to protect her from the roommate's TV.) The mouse was sluggish too.

Rebooting solved everything, as it so often does. (I wonder if that's what Witchcamp really is -- a way to reboot? Would explain the enormous effectiveness of that first camp, and also the limitations -- when you reboot twice in a row, the second time isn't going to change much.)

Anyway, I've put a Reboot command into DragThing (a third-party tabbed dock that isn't as insane as the native Mac dock), so Marsha doesn't have to hunt through the Apple menu for it. I don't know how well that will work -- Marsha's practice is to keep documents permanently open in Word, TextEdit, and sometimes Thunderbird, and the reboot process will stop while each one asks if she wants to save the current document(s). And Thunderbird's dialog annoyingly doesn't respond, after it pops up, until you switch away from Tbird and back.

If I knew more AppleScript, maybe I could write something that would tell those three applications to save all current documents and exit, and only then reboot.