Yarrow (angelweed) wrote,

Read my brain: no new lesions

According to Marsha's neurologist, her MRI showed old M.S. lesions but no new ones. The exacerbation was so specific --the wrist muscle that lifts up the hand quit, but not her fingers or the muscle that pulls the hand down toward the forearm-- so specific that I imagine one little section of the brain might have been hit without showing up on the scan. Her EEG showed some irregularities that he associates with disorientation, and which he'll be prescribing drugs for.

He's upping her dose of steroids (temporary treatment, kind of like whacking the dashboard in your car when the radio stops working -- it might shake something back into working order). I think she's getting a little function back in the wrist muscle. It's not enough to be useful, but if I'm not fooling myself I can feel her wrist trying to push up where Sunday it was completely limp.
Tags: marsha

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