Yarrow (angelweed) wrote,

Running on empty

I don't think I killed the squirrel, yesterday, but it was there beside my foot as I stepped out of my car, the blood from its mouth thin and liquid and bright.

Marsha's out of the hospital, her wrist no better, though she's got some strength back in her fingers. She's as depressed as I've seen her since the first months in the nursing home, and though she can eat it's enough harder that I worry her weight.

Meanwhile the diktat has come down that there shall be no more refrigerators in the residents' rooms. Since Marsha had been having a hard time getting the aides to bring her food from the nursing station refrigerator before we got her her own, that's not good news. (And long ago, before I started bringing her food, she was losing weight hand over fist trying to eat the nursing home food.)

Yesterday her computer monitor started to flake out.

I think.

Something was making her screen go blank at random (but shorter and shorter) intervals. I tested various combinations of stuff, shuttling between my office and her room, until I thought I'd ruled out everything but the monitor. Bought her a new one today and got it hooked up. It went out. I changed the cable from digital to analog, and things seemed to work better. We'll see tomorrow.

And I can't park in front of my house because they're digging up the road.
Tags: marsha

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