Yarrow (angelweed) wrote,

Marsha update

Marsha's hand has not really come back much. She's supposed to be turned on her right side, then back, then left side every two or three hours, but has always resisted it, partly because of pain and partly because on her left side she can't do anything but stare at the wall. She's more willing to risk the pain now, and I've bought a TV/DVD she can watch on her left side. Tomorrow we should receive a second audio-video receiver so the TV has something to show.

(Marsha has a Rube Goldberg setup for TV: cable comes in to The Wall Where Cable Is, goes to the cable box, which is connected via an AV cable to an RF-Link radio transmitter. The radio signal travels 8 or 10 feet to The Wall Where The Call Bell Is (and which is therefore the wall where Marsha's bed is located). An RF-Link receiver picks up the signal and sends it via a second AV cable to a box whose brand name I can't recall at the moment, which sends it via a Firewire cable to her Mac, where a program called EyeTV displays it in a window. If we were doing this at home we'd just run the cable up the wall to the ceiling and across the room, but that would give the nursing home fits. The silver lining is that to get the left-side TV into the mix all we need is another RF-Link receiver.)
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